Localization Testing

Localization testing becomes essential when the application (web / mobile) is built in multiple languages involving multiple cultures. The primary goal of localization testing is to ensure the software conforms to the local rules, guidelines, languages and culture. Localization testing assures the localization versions are free from language, usability and functional issues. The objective of the localization testing is to assure the software application has no localization errors as such errors will have serious product usability issues and confuse the users and make the product fit for nothing. The testers understand the cultural peculiarities as well and use it while testing the product / application.

We are specialized in offering wide variety of localization testing services:

Functional Testing:

We ensure usability and functionality and the user interface of the localized version are compatible to the targeted environment such as menu, fonts, graphics, text style, time zone, currency and other related parameters.

Linguistic Testing:

We ensure the content is flawless and error messages clearly communicate the steps to be taken by the user.

Why to choose Sybrant’s localization testing services?

  • We have a dedicated and skilled team of testers and language experts that have deep expertise in localization testing
  • Our QA Experts can provide localization testing for mobile and web applications by understanding the complexities involved