Load Testing

Under performing IT systems may cause huge financial and customer loss to you. Therefore, you have to ensure the performance, stability, and fault tolerance of your IT systems are up to the desired level. Load testing reveals performance issues with the software application when the systems are under a load. We create a workload using special tools such as LoadRunner and JMeter to emulate the simultaneous actions of hundreds and thousands of users.

We have done several load testing projects for our customers across different domains such as Financial Services, Retail, eCommerce, Healthcare and so on. We have gained substantial experience and created proven processes for performing load testing service to our customers.

While we do load testing we consider the following:

What is the performance criteria? We take in to account the response time required, throughput and user load for our evaluation in addition to the internet speed like broadband, modem used, leased line etc. We create a workload model that will determine the characteristics of the key scenarios by our user group.