QA Consulting

You may need our QA consulting when your organization is growing with many projects or you struggle with old / outdated processes and experiencing poor quality or you wish to adopt new methodologies and practices.

What you don’t fully understand you cannot improve. We take a pragmatic approach to QA by bringing in software quality improvement using our proven framework. Our QA consulting is designed to improve software quality and not address just the symptoms. We support you in improving quality not just finding defects in the application / product.

We have done comprehensive consulting and execution assignments for myriad customers and products in diverse industries. We use a hands-on approach in evaluating your testing processes, with a roadmap for improvement that includes the knowledge and measurements you need to implement in a sustained manner. Our QA consulting methodology is shown below.

Benefits of our QA Consulting

  • Better testing strategy
  • Better collaboration between development, QA and business
  • Predictable and measurable IT processes
  • Better infrastructure setup and optimization
  • Better budget planning and adherence
  • Improved development and QA efforts