Performance Testing

Today's enterprise, web and mobile applications can involve thousands of simultaneous users working with multiple user interfaces, different protocols, and varied computing environments. Applications are prone to debilitating performance, scalability, and reliability problems that can jeopardize a company's productivity and profitability. These issues tend to go undetected prior to launch because of the difficulty of conducting realistic performance testing.

Sybrant’s performance testing services perform baseline, stress, load and burn tests on your application infrastructure based on simulations of different numbers of application users. Not only will you identify the bottlenecks in application, infrastructure and database, you will also find out which underlying technical factors cause these problems. This enables you to optimize the performance of your current application environment and to speed up applications. Even after the system goes live performance continues to become a critical factor.

Identifying the problems only provides part of the solution. We use proven, advanced techniques, a structured testing approach and appropriate performance testing tools that will reduce the risks of performance failures in the applications that are tested. Across the entire development life-cycle we can provide performance services that optimize your systems' performance. We work with our customers on a continuous basis and assure them that the applications provide ‘topnotch’ performance throughout its lifetime. Our advanced test labs are equipped with the latest software tools, hardware and networking that are required to put the applications into rigorous performance test.

Our Approach to Performance Testing

  • Well defined performance test life-cycle
  • In-house load testing methodology and best practices
  • Unique performance testing framework and methodologies
  • End-to-end consulting from defining a performance testing approach, identification of appropriate tools and methodologies, setting up test infrastructure, test analysis, reporting and maintenance of performance test assets
  • Process oriented deliverables to the end customer
  • Detailed test analysis reports identifying performance bottlenecks and recommendations


Working with Sybrant’s performance testing specialists will:

  • Give you the necessary insight into the behavior of your system
  • Provide confidence in the applications performance before deployment, with objective data to support a go / no-go decision
  • Determine the scalability of the application and the capacity levels that the application can achieve
  • Identify performance issues and bottlenecks and their causes. Where needed we provide detailed evidence that will speed up the resolution of problems
  • Give you access to expertise in performance testing tools both COTS and Open Source
  • Provide you also with the necessary skills to analyze the results, recommend improvements, and tune the system accordingly for better performance
  • Save costs through increased efficiency