Manual Testing

Emerging businesses need superior performance of their software applications. In today’s competitive market it is important for application owners to deliver systems that are bug free, secure, user-friendly, and comply with prevailing regulations. We offer software QA & testing services to our customers, where we ensure that software applications are thoroughly tested on all dimensions such as quality, functionality and reliability before it is put in to production.

Sybrant has a decade experience in quality engineering and testing. Our QA & testing services are built upon the following basic principles:

  • Detect defects early and reduce the Cost of Quality
  • Perform root cause analysis for defects and take corrective actions
  • Institutionalize preventive action so that problems does not occur in other areas
  • Isolate testing and development processes to yield better quality of software

Procedures in Manual Testing:

  • Creating test plans, test cases
  • User interface testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Functionality testing
  • Product specifications and user documentation review
  • Provide detailed testing status

While we perform manual tests the software application are validated and checked whether it meets the various standards defined for effective and efficient usage and accessibility.